Project Description


Extending the exercises from the earlier classes and introducing the elements required in competitive obedience.

Class Content

  • object retrieve (sometimes using different objects).
  • longer send-aways.
  • longer out-of-sight of ‘stays’.
  • stand stays.
  • distance control(DC).
  • positions on the move.
  • changes in pace.
  • A recalls


Dogs performing at this level are well prepared for obedience competitions.



£3.00 per dog per class.


8:45pm to 9:15pm. This class is currently combined with class 3.


Main Hall

Due to the conditions of the Club’s insurance, only members are allowed to be in control of a dog whilst in the Village Hall. Therefore, members of the family and/or friends who wish to train (or even hold) the dog in the Halls must join the club along with the main handler.

Membership Costs;
Single – £6.00
Joint – £8.00
Junior – £3.00
Membership runs from 01st January to 31st December