Project Description


Whether you are a beginner with your first show dog or a seasoned exhibitor, our experienced team of instructors will help you get the best from your dog in the show ring.

Two Trainers work on a rota system each week, giving handlers their help and advice as to what happens in the show ring and how to present your dog to the best advantage. Having your dog ‘gone over’ by a stranger simulates what you and your dog can expect in the show ring and prepares you both for the real thing.

Class Content

You will be taught how to present and move your dog correctly for its breed.

We offer practical advice on all aspects of Dog Showing from how to enter your first show to where to find the right show lead.


Many of our members go on to compete with their dogs at Championship Show level, including Crufts.



£3.00 per dog per class


7:00pm to 7:45pm. If you are a New Member and would like to take part in Breed/Ringcraft only-please contact the Secretary’s e-mail.


Main Hall

Due to the conditions of the Club’s insurance, only members are allowed to be in control of a dog whilst in the Village Hall. Therefore, members of the family and/or friends who wish to train (or even hold) the dog in the Halls must join the club along with the main handler.

Membership Costs;
Single – £6.00
Joint – £8.00
Junior – £3.00
Membership runs from 01st January to 31st December